Power Food

Burgers are synonymously linked to unhealthy eating. This is often the case if purchasing food from fast food suppliers or burgers made from cheaper cuts of meat. Here at Speyside Specialities, we want to break that stigma and provide our customers with a burger which is both rich in nutrients and high in protein, as well as adding wonderful power food ingredients such as adzuki beans, hemp seeds and blueberries.

We have taken the steps to launch an innovative new powerfood range, created specifically with fitness enthusiasts in mind. Our range of succulent burgers not only taste great, but are intended to become an integral part of protein-rich diets and a functional food for fitness. Our powerfood range includes special super foods that are proven to help increase muscle building, boost metabolism and aid muscle recovery. To top it all off, the majority of our grass-fed steak burgers are also gluten free.

Our powerfood range has also been endorsed by many athletes as well as celebrity health expert and nutritionist Dr Joanna McMillan who commented:

"The health of Scotland is in dire straits and as a country we are up there at the top of the worldwide charts for obesity and chronic diseases including heart disease and diabetes. Yet were we to change our diet, we could turn those figures around dramatically. To do that we need delicious healthy food that we want to eat, enjoy eating and just happens to be good for us. To that end I'm so delighted to see Speyside Specialities launching their Power Food range. By combining top quality lean meat with carefully selected superfoods, you get a serious boost of nutrition while eating foods that we love. Great for the whole family, I highly recommend this range."
To find out more about our Powerfood range or to place an order click here.

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