Monday, May 4, 2015

Food Swaps – Eat Clean Without Sacrificing Your Favourite Food

Our power burger range is the ultimate eat clean ‘superfood’ burger, created with fitness enthusiasts and nutrition conscious people in mind. We created the range with the aim of breaking the stigma of the ‘unhealthy’ burger and provide our customers with a food that is both rich in nutrients and high in protein.

Swapping a regular fast food burger, or high fat supermarket burger for one of our Power Burgers is a positive step towards a healthier and cleaner lifestyle… but what else could you be doing on your healthier lifestyle journey? We list some of our favourite food swaps to get you started: 

Swap Your Burger Bun
All’s fair and well if you’re swapping your high fat burger for a low-fat, high protein power burger, but if you’re having it in a regular ol’ bun then you’re still consuming unnecessary empty calories. Instead, sandwich your burger in an English muffin.

Swap Your White Bread & Pasta
Talking of empty calories, white bread & pasta is full of the troublesome little mites due to the high white flour content. Swapping to whole meal/brown bread & pasta reduces that significantly and provides you with added fiber – perfect for keeping you fuller, for longer.

Swap Your Salt
Most foods already have salt, whether natural or added. Although our body naturally needs a bit of salt, too much can raise your blood pressure and encourage fluid retention, which puts strain on your kidneys, arteries, heart and brain. If you’re looking for a flavour enhancer try adding herbs and spices to meals. You’ll be surprised at just how great these can be!

Swap Your Rice
Steer clear of white rice and swap for a baked potato. Potatoes have three times more fiber, keeping you fuller for longer, and possibly preventing you reaching for a calorific snack! If you want to go one step further, go for sweet potatoes, which are not only high in fiber, but packed full of vitamin C and E.

Swap Food Prep  
The way you prepare your food can make a huge difference. Instead of frying your meat, use a George Foreman or grill, this will vastly reduce the amount of fat that your meat retains. When cooking veg – try steaming instead of boiling, doing so will increase the amount of nutrients that your veg retains.

Do you have a favourite healthy food swap? Let us know in the comments section below: 

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